A Dreamy Destination Wedding in Madrid


Are you dreaming of a romantic destination wedding in Madrid filled with sunshine and culture? Look no further than Madrid, Spain. Ashley and Steven, a couple from Miami, chose this vibrant capital city for their unforgettable celebration in October 2023. With fifty beloved guests joining them from across the ocean to witness their love story unfold, they entrusted me as a experienced destination wedding photographer in Madrid to capture every precious moment at the elegant Hotel Four Seasons.

As the sun bathed Madrid’s streets in golden hues, Ashley and Steven prepared for their special day. Steven, donning a bespoke suit from Trajes Guzmán, shared laughter with his friends in a candid pre-wedding photoshoot nearby. Meanwhile, Ashley radiated elegance in her strapless gown by the renowned Cuban-American designer Lázaro, a perfect match for this sunshine wedding in Spain.

One of the most touching moments was the heartfelt exchange between Ashley and her father, whose tender embrace and loving glances set the tone for a day filled with emotion and cherished memories.

Under the expert coordination of wedding planners in Spain from come the bride, and with the artistic touch of Cashmere Decoración and Sundara, the venue was transformed into a scene of unparalleled beauty. From the exquisite floral arrangements to the intricately designed wedding cake by Other Cakes, every detail reflected Ashley and Steven’s unique love story.

Following a heartfelt ceremony at the historic Parroquia de San Marcos, one of the few churches untouched by the Spanish Civil War, Ashley and Steven explored the charming streets surrounding the Hotel Four Seasons, capturing the essence of their love against the backdrop of Madrid’s iconic architecture.

Lila, the daughter of Ashley’s cousin, played a significant role in the wedding by carrying the rings, continuing a cherished family tradition. Lila participated in the wedding alongside her brother Luciano and also read the heartfelt letter that Steven had written for Ashley.

Ashley and Steven’s decision to choose Madrid was deeply rooted in their shared love for Spain. Ashley, who had studied part of her law degree in Valencia and traveled extensively throughout the country, transferred her affection for what she calls her second home to Steven. They visited Madrid in 2016 and both felt the same love for the city as they feel for each other. Madrid became not only their favorite city but also an integral part of their dream wedding, which they have now brought to life.

Ashley and Steven’s destination wedding in Madrid was a testament to love’s power to unite hearts from across the globe. Their complicity made it the easiest for me to capture and create memories to last a lifetime since every moment was filled with their unique tenderness.